Pet Urine Rug Treatment Services in Shellharbour

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If left untreated, pet urine will culture fungal and bacterial growth, degrading the foundational and face fibres of the rug, causing irreparable damage. Therefore, all pet urine accidents must be addressed immediately.

Urine consists of three components: urea, urochrome and uric acid crystals. General cleaning is able to remove two-thirds of the problem, leaving uric acid behind. These crystals attach themselves to the rug fibres and are difficult to remove, causing an unpleasant odour.

Aladdin's Rug Cleaning uses enzyme based cleaning products and an immersion washing method. This combination soaks and compresses the urine out of the rug, effectively eliminating the odour.

Aladdin's Rug Cleaning Pro Spot Remover

Regular spot removal can maintain your rugs appearance extending the life of your rug between cleans. The ready-to-use Woolsafe approved stain remover is safe to use on wool and synthetic rugs, carpets and water cleanable upholstery.

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